Yay! New LV store opened and I got a present!

  1. The LV store in Saks finally opened in New Orleans! :yahoo: :yahoo: It has been closed for over a year due to the hurricane. I wanted to check out the new Azur line as I have seen many of your here with your gorgeous pieces. I LOVE it all!

    The store opened yesterday and they were completely sold out of the Azur Saleya PM (so I tried on the one in damier, the size is perfect), the pochette and the speedys 25 AND 30. I asked about the mini pochette. The SA was great, looked everywhere for one, finally found it hidden and my fiance bought it for me!! I am so excited.

    I am going back on Monday to see if they get more items b/c I really want the saleya. Thanks for letting me share! I am not at home to take pics but I will!
  2. congrats! I love the mini pochette
  3. congrats! yes mini pochette is super cute!
  4. Yay for you! That mini pochette is adorable!
  5. thats so exciting
  6. WOW! Congratulation, can't wait to see pics.
  7. congrats..don"t forget the pics..so happy for you!!
  8. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics. :smile:
  9. I got one too, it's so cute! Congrats!!! Hope you get the bag you want.
  10. I'm so glad they re-opened and that you had such a wonderful experience there. The mini bags are some of my favorites. Congrats!!
  11. Thanks everyone! I promise to post pics tomorrow. It was a fabulous experience, the people there were so helpful and friendly. I even got a cute little drawer box for it. Never had one before! I am very happy.
  12. Congrats, the azur is gorgeous!
  13. congrats!! im so happy to hear that the store is open now, it did take a while which kinda shows you the amount of work they had to do on the store from the hurricane. cant wait to see pictures!!
  14. Congrats! The mini pochette is sooooo cute!:heart:
  15. Wow...congrats!! :smile:

    I do really want to have LV store in my city so bad, unfortunately there's non here. :cry: