Yay! New initial colors!

  1. Yay!
    92135.jpg 92136.jpg 92137.jpg 92138.jpg 92139.jpg
  2. ewww my "c" is another blah color :tdown:
  3. Do you have the new style number? I'd like to check the"K" and the "N" for colors.


  4. K is 92179 and N is 92182.
    92179_0208.jpg 92182_0208.jpg
  5. Could you show M please!
  6. Thanks- not exactly the colors I was hoping for.:tdown:

  7. H is still showing up in the color combo from (I believe) Oct '07.
    92140.jpg 92141.jpg 92177.jpg 92178.jpg 92179.jpg
  8. Where are u getting the information from because on Coach.com it is still showing the old colors? :shrugs:
  9. ...
    92179.jpg 92180.jpg 92181.jpg 92182.jpg 92231.jpg
  10. How 'bout "S" ??
  11. i wish N was pink or some fun color it was brown and now orange :sad: no fun.

    and ya where do you find this new stuff??
  12. More:
    92205.jpg 92206.jpg 92207.jpg 92216.jpg 92217.jpg
  13. Almost done..
    92218.jpg 92219.jpg 92227.jpg 92228.jpg 92229.jpg
  14. oooo... cute, the "S" is actually pretty for once! Whats the style number? i don't see any of these listed on coach.com?
  15. Finished!