YAY!! new belt and sunglasses!!

  1. I got a great new belt. love it!!!! I have a few questions though. Do the chain belts come in different sizes? Or are they one size fits all? The SA told me one size fits all , also I got the 5080b glasses in brown . I really wanted black but she said they only came in brown . I could of sworn that they came in black . I may be nutts.
  2. of course they come in black! I messed up mine !LOL!
    I have them in tortoise now, but Denise Richards wears them in black. . . it's available:yes:
  3. What do you mean messed up yours?? lol are they bad quality:crybaby: . Denise Richards wears them huh .lol now I am so glad I have them haha.
  4. Your SA sounds confused. Most chain belts come in different lengths... I have a few chain belts and they all came in different sizes. I bought my size of course.

    However, if your belt fits, then it doesn't matter! :yes:
  5. Most SAs are confused:shame:

    Post pics !!!!!!!!:yes:
  6. The chain belt should hang low on the hips right? I might want a larger belt but its a rare style . o well
  7. here's mine in black:
  8. Not necessarily. It can hang where you want it, although I usually wear it a bit lower.
  9. sjunky13, I answered your PM... but it just occurred to me that perhaps your belt does only come in 3 sizes. I usually buy the classic chain belts and they come in quite a few sizes. Now that I think about it, a seasonal belt probably doesn't have the size selection that the classics do. In any case, you can measure your belt in cm and that will tell you what size you have.