YAY New BBAG source in Austria (some of it 40-70% off)

  1. Hey Everyone...
    Christmas has come early for me this year...
    Over coinsidence I found out about a store here at the countryside(where my parents live...) that seemingly carried BBags..
    As I'm home for christmas me and my sister were having a lil trip to the store...
    here's what they had...
    The new sky blue(which is GORGEOUS BTW...) very intense...Work
    Sahara with SGH(what a stunning combo) Part TIme, Work
    Black Part Time RH with gorgeous leather..
    Very dark intense green(sorry dunno the exact name) GGH CLutch
    Now to the sale items:
    Very smooshy plomb GGH Hobo for 700$
    A mud green GGH Hobo also for 700$
    A truffle GGH WORK!!! also for 700$( uuuhm gone thanks to crazy Oula:yahoo:)
    THey had a couple of more bags in the back and are updating about their stock via e-mail..
    The other new colours should be in by the end of the week..
    SO if anyone is interested
    Here's the adress:heart::heart::heart:


    Grünmarkt 7
    4400 Steyr
    fon [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]0043 7252 52 204[​IMG]
  2. Thanks for sharing Oula..
    You always find this gem store out in a hidden discreet place..:nuts:
  3. great info oula. if i email them in english, would they understand? and what is the currency? the euro? i'm really interested in the plomb hobo.
  4. yup email them in englisch
    though if they dont understand i can help u out and call em..
    i was really eying the hobo too..the leather was just gorgeousness..like a pillow *sigh*
    since i need to carry loads of stuff i decided against it though...
    make sure u tell the it's the dark grey shoulder bag(as theri not to informed about the styles and colours...)
    anyway good luick and let me know if u need help
  5. btw...currency is euro
    Regular price 860 reduced to 499 Euros
  6. thanks oula. i just emailed them and am awaiting a response. i hope they ship to the us. :s
  7. Awesome Oula!!!!! Please post pics of your new work!!!
  8. Thank you. I would love to know their stocks... Wish they have something I want..
  9. Thanks for letting us know!!!:tup:

    Waiting for the pics of your Work:heart:
  10. So nice of you to share..
  11. you're all very welcome :heart:
    if any of u need help in german just let me know...
    to give u some eye candy...here's my supadupa deal
  12. 499 euros!!!??
  13. Quala: congrats on your new baby. she's pretty.
  14. thanks girl...giving her hugs constantly!
  15. Thanks so much for sharing the info! I just emailed them and hope they respond. I love your new work, congratulations on the great find :yahoo: