yay, nay...

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  1. Nay not a big fan of all the M's all over...(This coming from the person who loves the Burberry plaid all over :smile:
  2. Nay for me.
  3. I kind of like the plaid all over too...it seems to go w/ the whole retro lacoste look that's going on. Very 80's preppy. Anyway, I'm not too sure about the m's. I don't like all leather bags (I'm a pretty big vegetarian/animal rights person) so I'm always looking for canvas bags. Unfortunately, they often seem to come with both leather trim and obnoxious monograms!
  4. i like it.
  5. I like it too
  6. Hi mandm, I am not too fond of the M.

    Some canvas bags for your consideration:

    All pics off ebags:
  7. sorry but nay
  8. Darn that M! Other than that I like it. Or the one passerby suggested -
  9. Hey MandM, nay on the Michael Kors. Are you restricting your school bag to something canvas or would you consider other material?

    If you'll consider leather, I suggest the Marc by MJ soft leather Max tote in the white w/ turquoise stitching. I just got it and i LOVE it, I'm planning on using it for my laptop and a couple notebooks.
  10. I like it. Love Michael Kors. I think it would make a great summer bag, but for school schlepping books, I don't know how long the white would stay white. You might want to opt for something without white. The girls have made some awesome suggestions!
  11. passerby - approvals for all your awesome suggestions!!
  12. Thanks for the kind words, mello_yello_jen! I suppose I should be grateful (in a way) that I live in Singapore and can't order all the bags from ebags, zappos etc - have been eyeing the Sydney Love bags with cats & dogs designs on them :biggrin: Have got pics of 100s of bags in my "My Pictures" folder ...

    Some suggestions for ultrasuede/PVC/canvas etc bags as follows:

    $127-79 on offer

    $22-49 on offer

    $26-99 on offer ("soft leather-like PVC")

    Faux suede with PVC trim - $110
  13. It's a nay for me...I'm not liking the M either. I think you could do better.

    Passerby - You always have so many great bags up your sleeve. It's like you are our own personal shopper!