yay/nay on these anna corinna bags?

  1. I need a good sized bag to lug around the city and can't be that spendy right now. As I'd rather spend my money on bags that I won't be too rough with everyday. The leather is surprisingly light, meaning they should be pretty durable. Theyre sized fairly large too. They can be carried on the shoulder, held like a tote, or folded over. What are your thoughts on them? Yay or Nay on the styles?

    1. Jet Setter Jr.

    2. City Tote
  2. I have the city tote and love it. Not keen on the jet setter.
  3. I love them! I have a bag like the city tote that I have had for quite some time now.
  4. As everyone here knows, I LOVE AC bags!!:love::love:
  5. I think there nice bags
  6. I love both of them!!!
  7. Yay on both...but I'm biased because I have the mini city tote and LOVE the style!
  8. The regular size jet Setter is HUGE - more like a travel bag. I've seen the Jet Setter Jr IRL (a girl on the train was carrying it), and it was the first time I had ever heard of or seen an Anna Corinna bag. I really liked the Jr Jet Setter & considered it for myself - then I saw the City tote. I still haven't bought either one, but I hope to sometime soon. A lot of members of TPF seem to luv the City Tote. I think they are both really nice and about the same size - I think it all depends on how you intend to carry it - on your shoulder or your arm - will you stuff it, or only carry it half full?
  9. ^^very good point on whether you're planning on stuffing it or whether it will only be partially full.

    I'm partial to the Jet Setter Jr myself. I've heard the mini City isn't lined, is that still true? The Jet Setter Jrs are lined.
  10. lined with what? the mini city has lining.....and i :heart: my mini! imo, the regular sized city looks a little awkward - like it's too big. i'd go for the jet-setter.
  11. :tup:
  12. I have a mini City Tote in plum, and it's a great bag. I like that it has two different looks depending on how you carry it. The leather on the black version is super nice, but the colors tend to be more distressed and dry.

    I personally don't care for the Jetsetter style.
  13. I love the Jetsetter-I think it's really a nice looking bag!:tup:
  14. big YAY on the city tote :yes:
  15. I have both bags. I have the mini city tote though, not the super large one which I think is a little too big.

    I also have the Jet Setter Jr. which I was ravenous to get. I have it in the glazed black though which I think will give you so much more mileage for the extra few dollars. It's so beautiful. The flat black is a little dull in comparison IMO.