~~~Yay ... my violet day has a little sister ... pics!~~~

  1. I'm ecstatic!!! :yahoo: I love the violet:love: ... my favorite color and when Balenciaga came out with it ... I was :nuts:!

    I just wanted to share my new addition with you fellow BBag lovers ... my violet first in agneau. My day is chevre and I love both ... now they need a big sister "part time" in SGH. My goal is to have most of the styles in violet ... yummy! I know I'm crazy ... thanks for letting me share.

    The little juicy couture "scorpio" charm was given to me by my daughter for my birthday ... I think it goes well together!

    Next pics will be the sisters together ...
    v1st1.jpg v1st2.jpg v1st3.jpg v1st4.jpg v1st5.jpg
  2. Here are the sisters ... :love:
    v1st6.jpg v1st7.jpg v1st8.jpg
  3. WOWOWOWOW!!! love it!! Congrats!!!
  4. congrats girlie! dont you just love violet?!
  5. NICE....!!! Cute matching charm too!
  6. ^^^Thank you :cutesy: I adore the violet ... love love love it!:yahoo:
  7. Thank you Alaska and oogiewoogie <<< cute name btw!:cutesy:
  8. Your violets are so pretty together. It is such a great color!
  9. I am crazy about this color, too - your bags are gorgeous and the charm is perfect!!
  10. Adorable! so cute!!
  11. cute! i love violet :smile: congratulations!!
  12. Violet exceeded my expectations. Congrats on your two! Here's to many, many more :drinkup:

  13. What a lovely violet collection you have! Your violet/avatar inspired me to purchase a violet day, too!
  14. SweetPurple- I love your Violet Family:yahoo: I have a Violet First and haven't been able to put it down! I feel bad for my other bags! It's so ironic that your name is SweetPurple! Did you have the name before a Violet purchase?
    Enjoy your new First! The Pics are amazing!:tup:
  15. I :heart: Violet as well! It's just such a gorgeous color. I've also got a first in agneau and I'm loving how thick and soft the leather and tassles are.