*YaY* My total Dior Malice Collection

  1. Here is the updated photo of my total Dior Malice Collection. Hope you enjoy :p

    My old collection


    and here is my Valentine's gift :love:

  2. :wtf: Oh My...

    :drool: Dazzling watches with super pretty bands. I've never seen such a beautiful watch collection.

    They're just adorable! :love:
  3. Wow! What a collection! Very pretty!
  4. that's insane!!!!! (in a good way. ;))
    i think you've got a more complete collection than the boutiques or a watch store!
  5. OMG...You can start your own Dior Museum...lol They are gorgeous.
  6. Wow Vicky - that is a great collection!! You really have a watch for every occasion, and outfit. :smile:
  7. Congratulations.
  8. Wow Wow
  9. :jammin: Thank you very much !!
  10. OMG! Your new straps are so funky and fun!!!!!

    I wish I had a Malice watch with this many straps!!!!
  11. Vicky! :wtf:

    How awesome, you could be Dior's archivist for the malice strap. You probably have every item they have. :nuts: :yahoo:
  12. No No...There are too many models more than my collection. I don't like every model of them. I just bought some.

    And Thank you very much for every comments :smile:
  13. :sad: i cant see the first photo, love the new ones though :biggrin:

  14. :sweatdrop: Thank you, darling
  15. Can you post the first photo in a link? I can't see them! But I do love your gifts!