YAY! My store is 1 of 9 that is an Ergo Pilot store!

  1. Which means I get to go to work today to open 50 boxes of it! haha

    If you remember the Ergo bags from a while ago, they'll be rereleasing/redoing them for the spring. I'm super excited to have them in my store for the holidays though!
  2. hmmm sounds very interesting...can't wait for details, like are there any all leather ones.
  3. I love my ergo bag...can't wait to see the new ones!
  4. Anyone have any pics so we can see what to look forward to?
  5. ooooo, can't wait to see the new ones.
  6. Any pics?
  7. Love my ergos. So glad they are bringing them back. Can't wait to see the new ones!
  8. Can someone post pics of theirs so I can see what they look like?
  9. i love the ergo style. i can't wait to see the new collection.
  10. don't they look sort of like hobos?
  11. Why don't I know what an Ergo is? I feel so out of it!
  12. same here...someone post some pics! :smile:
  13. Here is a pic of an older one from ebay. I had thought of getting one a while back but never did.
  14. Does anyone remember these? There were also some signature ones out at one time. They look comfy to carry on your shoulder.
    ergo 2.jpg
  15. The older styles look lovely! Will they eventually be carried at all Coach stores?