Yay!!! My Sky Blue City Is Here!!!

  1. :yahoo: Here she is!! I now have 3 of my favorite colors all from 2005, and though it seemed like it took forever I guess it really didn't! I have to say thank you again for all your help!

    Finally I can relax from the hunt and enjoy my bags! That's it for me. No more. I am done. I have all I need. I am totally happy with the 3 Bal-bags I have. Completely satisfied! I don't need to think about another bag for a very long time. I can just look at all your purchases ladies, without a twinge of want. I couldn't care less what fantastic deals come up. I don't need anything. I have all the colors a girl could want. Even if one was free, I would turn it down. No matter the color, style, price, nothing could make me tempted to purchase another bag. Yep, that's it. I am through. Done. Finished. Nada. Zero....................Well.........there is a Lilac Twiggy I've been looking at. Yes, that's it. After the Lilac Twiggy I will be done! Deffinitely!
    IMG_2826-1.jpg IMG_2807-1.jpg IMG_2838-1.jpg
  2. Awesome! I admire your restraint for another B bag. Now, what size is your Magenta bag? Is that the box?
  3. Congrats!!
    I just got the Sky Blue City yesterday also!!:P
    It is much thicker and softer and smoother than my new Blueberry City - I like it but probably won't be a "forever" bag ...
  4. Thanks for sharing! They are all so pretty, which one are you going to use first? :yahoo:

  5. First??? Ummm I thought there were like stackable rings! I can't take all 3 out at once??? Ugh!

    :shame: Actually, I have had my pink the longest, and have been using the Magenta (it is a Box btw) recently, so I will take the blue out for awhile!
  6. After the Lilac Twiggy I will be done! Deffinitely!

    ya hear that girls? after the lilac twiggy she'll be done. Anyone wanna place a bet on that?:lol:
  7. I love the sky blue! It's gorgeous! Congratulations sweetie! I'm taking my ink out today... hee.
  8. That's so beautiful!! I love how you love all the girly colors. :love:
  9. You have wonderful taste in bags!! I got my bubblegum pink today! I tend to like the girlier colors too. Congrats!!
  10. Very pretty collection! Congrats!
  11. Gorgeous Deana...congrats girl...you are so lucky...
  12. Such a great collection, I love all your bags! Congratulations, Deana!
  13. They are all beautiful. I want that pink bag. :heart: :yes:
  14. Niice color.WOOO...
  15. :heart:
    Oh Yippee! What style is it? Can you add a picture or two? I am a sucker for pink! I think no matter what I get, my heart will always belong to my Bubblegum Pink City. That's why I wanted it to be my first B-bag. In case any of you missed the hoopla goin on over at the LV forum....here is the link for the post. I finally tried to get some collection pictures together.
    :sweatdrop: It was hard work, and I still didn't get to them all!