Yay!My Rose Kooba Avery is here!

  1. looks great on you, congrats!!
  2. LOL
    Thanks fellow Avery Lover :yahoo:
  3. Love that color!
  4. I love that colour...it looks sort of a dusty-rosey-beigy-pink to me!
    Really nice bag!!!!!
  5. Oh I like it alot, great color.

    *repeats to herself...i need to go on a purse ban....
    i need to go on a purse ban.......
  6. Congrats on a beautiful bag! I just love the color.
  7. Beautiful bag and that color is absolutely gorgeous. It's so unusual and would be a great accent for neutral colors. Enjoy and wear it in good health.
  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and the color looks great!
  9. oooohhh the color is so nice...... ~drooling. congrats. it is such a beautiful bag.
  10. Congrats, this is actually one of the bags on my list. In fact I went to Neiman's yesterday and they had it in luggage, but not the Rose. I just wrote to Kooba to see what stores near me had the Rose Avery. I liked the size of the Avery, not too big. And I did get to see another Kooba bag in rose, very nice color!
  11. Very nice. Isn't it neat that they look substantial but are rather light? I have my box here with my Blond Bonnie and The Rose Nicole I have yet to open.
    We took a Vacation Day and went shopping in Pittsburgh. Hubby got 2 leather jackets from Wilson's but I was so surprised that the leather there (in a leather shop) was inferior to my bags by far. The Sales Girl was Ooohing over my Kooba leather.
  12. Congrats...I love the rose color!!! :smile:
  13. Thanks for posting these photos, I've been waiting to see how this looks on somebody's shoulder:smile: Great to hear it's not heavy.
  14. it's very nice. congrats. looks good on you too, a good size.
  15. congrats! it's a pretty !!