YAY! My ripped cornflower shrug is on it's way to Shirise

  1. Mailing my ripped shrug back to Shirise first thing tomorrow. Brandi said that Balenciaga has to see the bag before they can figure out what to do. The ideal outcome is if they give me a brand new bag, that's perfect. Otherwise, I still want the bag...even with it's imperfection. The color is just tooo gorgeous to pass up.
  2. good luck, didi78! hopefully you'll be getting a brand new cornflower back!
  3. thanks Jennifer!
  4. thanks Jennifer!
  5. didi78 - great news!!! i hope your b-bag travels safe!!!
  6. Awesome news!!! Also rooting for you that they'll give you a brand new one! :flowers:
  7. good! let us know how it turns out!
  8. thanks everyone!
  9. That sounds really promising!!! Yes, a brand new one would be so ideal! I'm here rootin for ya too!
  10. im so happy for you didi hope you get a new bag :smile:
  11. Good luck, didi!!! I hope they send you a replacement bag! :smile:
  12. okay, i can't take it anymore Pupsterpurse, i want your doggy!!!
  13. LOL! hahaha...I love taking these "The Dog" shots of her where her head look humongous. It's funny because when we got her from the breeder, no one wanted her because she was the gigantor pup of the litter--the others looked like little teeny things compared to her.
  14. Woo Hoo! Great news!
  15. Good luck, didi and keep us updated! :smile: