Yay! My Pomme Heart Purse is here today!

  1. Just got the call from my SA that my Pomme Heart Purse has arrived today! Yippee! It's finally my turn! Gona pick it up in a few hours :smile:.

    Though the somewhat not so good news is that the Red Epi Speedy 25 I saw yesterday which was somewhat dented, was the last piece all the LV stores here had, so I've 'waitlisted' for it, LOL. Can't believe I have to waitlist for a regular item :p
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. ohh congrats!!! i wonder if this means the second shipment of heart purses are trickling in
  4. congrats
  5. Congrats :love: I'm still waiting and I'm the first on the waitinglist :push:
  6. congratz!!
  7. I hope for a call soon too! The only reason why I passed on the multicolour one was that SA said that there would definetly be enough pomme or perle for me. =(
  8. Yeah, my wait is finally over! And the store receive only ONE piece in this shipment! Hope you all get yours soon too! I know how it feels to wait :smile:
    Here are piccies, happy happy joy joy! :love:



  9. You're not worried about color transfer onto your roxbury with it hanging like that?

    Congrat's its so cute :smile:
  10. Congratulations.
  11. It´s beautiful congratulations! I love everything you have in those pictures!
  12. Yeah, the SA did mention something about that. Maaaaybe I might regret it, but eh, it looks too good, so I'm gonna play ignorant...Or, whenever I set it down while sitting, I'll just flip it into the bag :smile:.
    Interesting to note is that if I set the chain and charms behind the heart, that creates some kinda buffer between the heart purse and the bag!

  13. Congrats ! Ah I hope I get mine soon !
  14. Stunning Gorgeous and TODIEFOR, that Perle Roxbury,,, manohman,,, and the Coeur,,, I know how happy you are, my store just got in 2 and I finally got 1!

    congrats congrats, what a gorgeous combo!:love:
  15. Yep!!! Your inside pic is fabulous too! But, it's the first time I've seen Roxbury in Perle, I'm VERY excited about that!!!! too beautiful!!!:heart: