Yay, my phone rang!

  1. i was just about to post a very angry thread here about how I ordered an azur pochette several MONTHS ago and i still didn't heard from them and maybe they forgot about me and sold it to a better customer...:cursing:
    but... they called! :wtf: It was my voicemail but they said it's there, waiting for me! Now there's just one problem, i can't get to the shop in the coming weeks!!! You think they will send it to me or is that a service for the better customers?
  2. why dont you ask them to ship it out to you?
  3. never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is no. :tup:
  4. yes, shipping it to you is the best way. :yes:
  5. They'll ship it to you. Hopefully they won't charge you for it.
  6. Yeh ask for it to be sent to you! Post pics when you get it ;)
  7. LV shipped me my FIRST piece, so it clealry isnt for the VIPs, but being a VIP does have its advantages
  8. can't wait! :wlae: