1. its so cute, congrats!!!
  2. Oh Layney, I love your collection! And you're right that keychain is gorgeous and bigger than I would have expected, thats great because I was thinking it would be small. Congrats!!!
  3. Thanks Ali and Shoptfs!
  4. Cute cute cute! Congrats!!
  5. layney, of course now I think I need that keychain also..lol..
  6. Mee Too!!!! So much nicer in your pictures Layney!!!

  7. I was only charged 91.67 euros x 1.3414 = $122.97 :tup: And Cristina from LVR gave me free shipping, which would have been 50 euros/$67. If you do want it, email Cristina at customerservice@luisaviaroma.com and ask her for free shipping! I was looking at other Chloe key holders anyway and they were the same if not more $$$ here in the USA ;)
  8. CONGRATS~ It looks so cute... I wondered if they have it in other colours?
  9. oh so cutie patootie!!
  10. Besides my kids, that's the cutest freakin' thing I've ever seen! Oh who am I kidding? It's totally cuter than my kids (and less mouthy too)! :p
  11. ahemmm!! someone here changed her forum name!! haha!! that is soo cute!!
  12. omg, that is so cute! congrats!

  13. HI ANGEL!!! Yes I changed 'coz I think my dh is starting to wonder... and I don't want him to know that I've already purchased my October anniversary AND Christmas gifts! :supacool:*tee hee hee...*

    With all these crazy sales, I'll end up pre-purchasing all of his 2008's gifts to me as well! :roflmfao: