Yay, My New Speedy! Come see which one I got! <3

  1. Hi!!!! Well......Ok, lol. I have been seeing it and lusting after it for awhile: on here, in the boutique, on elux, on the few ppl i've seen with it live, etc...

    So...today my mom took me to LV and bought me the Azur Speedy 25 to match my cles from my husband!!!!!!! I'm SO happy! :yahoo:

    P.S. Andrew sighed "Oh god, no, not again...." - LOL:roflmfao:

    Now, I will admit, I was a self-proclaimed hater of this line when it first came out...but actually really started loving it a lot. My mother even LOVES it too!

    Here she is (and w/ her lil sister) - Thanks for looking everyone! :heart:33. :heart:
    azurfrontgw.JPG azurbackgw.JPG azurspclesgw.JPG
  2. Very nice:smile: congrat's.
  3. Gayle, you go girl!! :rochard:


    congrats, I love it with her little sis too!
  4. congrats! She sure is pretty!
  5. LOVE IT! I should be getting one in the mail from elux any day now and can't wait!
  6. :drinks: CHEERS to the brand new Speedy!!! I got mine in today also!

    :beach: Enjoy her ALLLL summer/fall/winter/spring!!! Yep- to me azur is all season- so pretty!!!
  7. Congrats, gorgeous bag!
  8. Oh you are soooo lucky.Ya'll are really making me want one of these,lol.
  9. Very nice! Congrats!
  10. That is so cool! I have been wanting something LV for so long, but it's hard for me to justify the expense. Congrats!
  11. Congratz!! :love: I love the azur 25!! Its so petite and cute!! :love:
  12. Pretty, Pretty :love: :heart:
  13. congrats on your purchase!!!:balloon: :balloon:
  14. So lovely together - congrats!
  15. Lovely!!
    Congratulations :yahoo: