YAY! My new planner came today! But FYI

  1. What you see online is a bit different than what you get!

    First off...I rec'd a black/khaki 3x5 planner for christmas from my MIL, loved it, but was a bit too small, so I exchanged for the one size bigger. I have ALOT of black/khaki items, so I figured I'd go with red for this one.

    I love it...but just note, that they show online a "shiney" red with all white stitching and a shiney gold pen/snap...what you actually get is a muted red leather, with two tone stitching and brass snap/pen...



    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    now I gotta go fill this baby up.

    hey - anyone know what you do when the pen dies? heheh...can you buy ink refills for these?
  2. beautiful, congra'ts.
  3. it's beautiful..........congrats
  4. I love the red/khaki combo!
  5. thanks all!

    i swear, next to khaki/gold...khaki/red is one of my favorite Coach color combos!

    (hmm...well, i like khaki/green too...heheh)
  6. Yeah, red! Glad to know that it's not really as shiny as it shows in the online picture. Probably just the studio lighting when they took the pic.
  7. I love the khaki/red. Just to let you know about the pen. I had misplaced one, e-mailed coach.com and they sent me a complimentary replacement!
  8. Oh that's the same one I want! It's adorable!
  9. It's so cute!^-^
  10. ooooooooo thats so good to know, thanks! This is on my "wish" list, congrats, I am loving the red!
  11. I like it! And I actually like it better irl than the stock photo! Very pretty!
  12. That planner is so cute! Love the red leather! I wish I used planners enough to justify spending that much on one, but I hardly ever use the one I have that I bought at Target, lol.
  13. Congrats, very cute!
  14. Lovely! Enjoy! I've almost bought a planner 2x but everything I need to know is either in my phone or on tPF :lol:
  15. Is the interior vachetta leather (same as LV's)? That means it will darken and get dirty very easily right? I'm contemplating on getting this Planner since I'm not crazy about the turnlock... but am hesitant to get it because of this leather.