Yay My New L'amore Bella:)

  1. Just won it tonight..can't wait to get it:smile:

  2. You are soo lucky!! Congrats~ I love the amore print :3 The bella looks awesome with it!
  3. Congrats on the amore bella ^__^

    *sigh* i wish I had gotten a bella in amore....oh well lol. I :heart: my Amore Gioco though....lol
  4. I am starting to think I don't like the print placement:sad:
    Hmmmm..I am sad now:sad:
  5. Do you have a picture of the back? Maybe next time when you want to buy something...take a hard look at it and try not to impluse buy? LOL.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I think it looks like great placement for a Bella. You get quite a bit of a lot of characters. It is missing a few though if there was one you were looking for. Were there certain characters you wanted? You can always just re-sell it if you don't LOVE it
  8. I like the back..very cute. Not sure about the front though:sad:
  9. I think it's cute, what don't you like about it? It has adios&ciaociao, lattecouple, polpettina&bastardino, greentea (ithink?) and others...that's most of hte print right there, it's even doubling lolz...idk it's kinda hard to get a bad placement with amore..no matter what kinda bag i guess except if it's like a bocce lol then that doesn't fit much...unless you only want certain characters....
  10. It's quite difficult to get great placement for a Bella since more print are cut off by the zippers. I read that some of us here carry our bella backwards so we can show off the print. Perhaps that will give you an idea.... :yes:

  11. I actually really like most of the characters equally on this pattern. I really love the sushi people and bastardino and his gf and adios and ciao ciao but I think it is hard with the bella because there is such little space for an entire character to appear on the front in-tact.
  12. Ok..thanks everyone. You are making me feel much better:smile: yay!!
  13. idk i dont even pay attention to the print on the front..whatever happens it isn't going to be perfect because of the zippers. You're lucky if you get anything in tact lolz...eh doesnt' bug me though.

    &youre right, the sushi couple is missing...hmmm...
  14. Congrats!
  15. your bella looks good! congratz!