YAY My NEW Ice Blue Makeup arrived but I think it's Sky??

  1. I LOVE the makeup! It's my first one. I love how much lighter it is then the shoulder bag. So much lighter inside my bigger bbags. The front of the bag is a little lighter then the back but the back, sides and bottom even the tag and tassels are the same color as my sky blue twiggy:yahoo: Could it be, a brand new with tags SKY BLUE MAKEUP for $285! I'm so excited. What do you think? Sky or Ice????

  2. Congrats :yahoo:what a cute couple.:p
  3. I would have to say Ice Blue! I used to have the same bag and it looks identical! Congrats on the great price!:yahoo:
  4. Wow...nice MU clutch..haven't seen this color so far....looks like ice blue to me...anyway, it's a great matching color with ur twiggy bbag....thanks for sharing!
  5. lovely clutch, looks like ice blue to me too!
  6. congrats!!
  7. Great color. Congratulations! It's lovely.
  8. Congrats!! Love the colour!
  9. Congrats!! It's Beautiful
  10. Beautiful MU!

    Definitely Ice Blue, not Sky Blue. My 05 Sky Blue is darker than your MU.

  11. congrats! looks like ice to me too.
  12. Goodness, your Twiggy and MU clutch are TDF! Can't tell you whether the clutch is Ice or Sky Blue, but either way it's gorgeous... Congratulations!
  13. It really is gorgeous!!!:drool: CONGRATS :yahoo:

    I'm having the same problem identifying the color of my ghost... Until now I believe it is Sky, cause that is what they told me, but the colors are so closely related... Either way - it's amazing!!
  14. I think it's ice blue. If it's a brand new sky blue, then it's a seriously faded brand new sky blue which I don't think it is. I've got a brand new sky blue and a brand new ice blue, when brand new, non-faded, these colors are vastly different.

    Your MU looks like gorgeous ice blue to me. Congrats!!! where did you find her?
  15. This is my ice blue, it's taken under sunlight