Yay....My new family member~MC black trouville

  1. :love: Thanks for those of u gave me the advice about getting MC white or black.
    I finally decide to get the black one, since i just purchased the white priscilla.
    their shape and size are too similar.
    so, i think i will give it a try. MY first MC black bag- Trouville

    here's some pic, hope u like my family member.:rolleyes:
    照片 493 (Medium).jpg 照片 500 (Medium).jpg 照片 496 (Medium).jpg
  2. very nice :smile: congrat's.
  3. Cute! Congrats, congrats!
  4. I love it! Congrats!
  5. It looks great, congrats!
  6. congrats, awesome purchase. I have it in white and use it all the time.
  7. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. :p Thank u all.
  9. Looks great...esp with a slight tan!
  10. Very nice... enjoy!
  11. It's very pretty, congrats!
  12. congrats
  13. very nice, congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. it looks so pretty! the patina looks beautiful with the black mc! congrats!!