YAY! My new Black PT from Diabro is here! Pics...

  1. Hello Ladies!

    I am so thrilled that my new Black PT is here from Diabro! It came so quickly (from Japan to Minnesota in 3 business days) and no customs fees!

    I have two other Bbags, but this is the first I purchased brand-new, so she will be my baby! :heart:

    I cannot wait to break her in... so I'm headed out for the day. Enjoy the pics!
    Black PT Front.jpg Black PT Back.jpg Black PT Side.jpg
  2. CONGRATS TO YOU, koobalover!!

    Isn't it such a THRILL and RUSH when you know it is brand new... and can't wait to show your "newbie" off?! :p
    Enjoy your outing, and thanks for sharing!
  3. Congrats! I love the PT!
  4. Thanks BigSis & Berlyn!

    Yes, it is so exciting to carry a NEW bag! :yahoo:

    I'll try to get some more pics on here later... I just realized how badly I mangled the resolution when I resized them in Photoshop. Ooops!
  5. Congrats:yahoo: Black PT is a classic.:tup:
  6. Yummy congrats!
  7. Wow, congratulations on such a gorgeous bag! I've been eyeing that same style/color on Diabro for weeks now...must stay strong! Gotta pay for those AW 07 bags I want.

    BTW, which year/season is your bag from? Love that leather... :drool:
  8. Such a versatile, comfy, bag... enjoy her! :tup:
  9. congrats!!!
  10. :tup: another black b-bag!!!! love it, enjoy :p
  11. lovely bag!
  12. Thanks monsoon! I love the leather too! It's more veiny than my other two, but still so soft and smooshy.

    Since the price was so low for this bag on Diabro, I figured it would be an '06 bag (though I'm not entirely sure how long the PT has been in production...?). But not so fast... it's a S/S '07 PT!

    Including shipping, total was WAY under retail... $1024! WOWZA!
  13. congrats!!!
  14. Love it! I love the Part Time. Gorgeous leather :yahoo::yahoo:

    (to answer your Q, the Part Time was released in the FW 06 collection)

  15. YAY!!! CONGRATS :yahoo: :yahoo: We are black PT sisters :heart: