YAY!! My new baby arrived yesterday!!

  1. My new to me MC speedy - LOVE THIS BAG. :yahoo: Already has a gorgeous light patina going on and everything!!

    I could hardly contain my excitement when it arrived. I practically tore the box open trying to let this baby out. Now if the postman will deliver my BH I will be in true heaven. They are holding it hostage at the P.O. But it should be delivered today, hopefully. :rolleyes:

    So without further hesitation:



    My ugly self modeling...excuse the bathroom, ha ha ha.

  2. Congrats!

    You look great, stop that silly self deprecation!

    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  3. Congrats!:smile:
  4. p.s. Many Thanks to Addy who authenticated it for me!!!
  5. Fabulous buy, it looks great on you!
  6. so pretty! congrats!
  7. OMG it's stunning and looks fab on you! Congrats!
  8. Congrats !! It's a fabulous bag !
  9. Oh Jenniletv, it looks great on you! LVoe it.
  10. Very pretty bag! Congrats!
    Didn't you know that all tpfers are beautiful?! That includes you! :smile:
  11. Gorgeous bag, congrats! I want one so bad!!
  12. Gorgeous bag! It looks great on you :biggrin:!
  13. Really spectacular bag & it looks great on you. Have a lot of fun taking it out and about.

    But look into watermarking your photos because they are clear & crisp and beautiful.
  14. congrats! I want one of these so bad, but I doubt I get one anytime soon......
  15. Congrats!