YAY!!! My new Aqua City ~ Lots of Pics

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  1. The Aqua looks great on you.. Especially with your Bohemian outfit :yes::heart: Congrats and enjoy your new baby!
  2. Really REALLY gorgeous!!! It's a perfect bag and it looks amazing on you!
  3. It looks perfect on you!

    CONGRATS ! ! ! LOVE the AQUA!
  4. congrats! gorgeous bag and you look stunning with it. enjoy her.
  5. You look beautiful with your killer aqua city, CONGRATS!
  6. Love that aqua on you!!
  7. love it, congrats!
  8. :tup:Beautiful Bbag! Okay maybe I'm a little biased, I have the same bag!
    It looks soooo good on you! Congratulations!!
  9. Thank you everyone for your compliments! I'm beginning to love bbags more and more. This is my first colorful bag and I'm stoked. I also like that each one is different and unique (rather than the standard stock variety). I loves it! hehe.

  10. wow- you are so cute with that bag! The color is amazing - you look good with it.
  11. Beautiful.......both you and your new aqua! Perfect color for a Florida girl! Congrats!
  12. oh my its just stunning!!! Ahhh I want one! It looks great on you! Love the leather on it! So this is 07 aqua? So you should be able to get it in the stores?!
  13. I LOVE AQUA!!! It's perfect for your complexion :tup:and style - you look so pretty!!
  14. Aqua is a perfect match with your skin tone and you are so pretty.:tup: Congrats :yahoo:
  15. That is gorgeous and you look so good with it! Congrats and enjoy it!