Yay...my new addition!

  1. I went to TJ Maxx today just because I was in the neighborhood, and found the bumble bee demi there for $79.99. Woohoo!! It has the "x" on the creed, but I checked it over thoroughly, and it looks just fine. The suede on one of the flowers is a tiny bit dingy, but nothing I can't take care of with a suede block or an emery board. It even still has the dustbag inside. I'm so thrilled!

    They also had the white pleated hobo there, and I looked at it for quite awhile. In the end, though, I put it back. There was a pink spot that looked like it would be hard to get out, and I'm not much for the really bright gold hardware. I'm more of a silver girl. Plus, the slouchy hobo style really isn't me, either.

    So that brings me up to two bags and one pair of shoes. I guess I officially have a "collection" now. That'll get rounded out a bit more after I visit the San Marcos outlet on Friday, too, I'm sure! :wlae:
  2. Congrats! I saw those demis there yesterday - wish I had seen the hobo!
  3. Oh what a cute bag! Perfect for the months coming!! Congrats
  4. how exciting! and congrats! it was meant to be for you! :yahoo:
  5. What a great deal you got.
  6. congrats!!! i saw one here too!
  7. lucky! i am dying for a bee purse/wristlet/whatever!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Good deal and congrats ^-^
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Congrats!! I saw one of the straw bee demis at Marshall's here today marked down to $58....cute, but not for me....
  12. the demi's were marked down to $42 at my TJ Maxx! picked one up for a friend.