yay my lovely sable!!! my first chloe!!

  1. this finally arrived today, after much wrangling with customs... i looove it!!! :love:
    (thanks to a lovely PF angel =))

    boy is it heavy! i've heard all about its weight but it's something else to heft it yourself

    sooo pretty... sooo!!!
    i keep looking over at it, it really is lovely, soo much nicer than in pics!

    and it's way more spacious than i thought it would be. whew! i'm gonna lug this everywhere!

    welcome me to the "paddy wagon"! :P what a lovely place =)

    ETA: pics below now!
  2. Congrats holly and welcome to Paddy world, lol!

    Where did u get yours and what happened with customs? And where are your pics??:P
  3. woohoo! congrats Holly!!
  4. thanks sue=)
    ooh had to resize the pics, be up in a second..

    oh just never had to deal w customs before, so there was a lot of paperwork hassles! next time will be easier =)
  5. Ooh! Congrats on your first Paddy! Did you buy it from a PF member? I know the sable is hard to find! Can't wait to see your pics! :nuts:
  6. Ooooohhhh~~~~~~~~~ Congrats!!! Post pics!!! I want to see!!! ;)
  7. here're the pics!
    i managed to get my puppy to stay still and pose.. she totally knows to leave my precious possessions alone now =) whew.
    P4210643_70.JPG P4210645.JPG P4210653_90.JPG P4210648_70.JPG P4210658.JPG
  8. Wow! Absolutely LOVE the color!!! And holly... your pup is SOOOOO precious!!!
  9. Beautiful:love::love::love:
  10. Lovely bag!

    (And your puppy is too cute.)
  11. thanks guys =)
    i noticed after looking at the pic... that my doggy is also kinda sable-coloured!! :lol: no wonder i like it so much
  12. Beautiful Sable!!! I'm in love with it... may I ask the retail?
  13. Aww, too cute!!! She's such a good girl. I have jack russells and their first instinct when I get a new bag is to wanna jump up and grab it:amazed: like it's a new toy or something.
  14. ^ohh that's soo bad.... you must be stressing all the time. hopefully they learn what're not toys?! =)
    we introduce her new toys to her in a special little ceremony, so she knows what's hers that way.. =) seems to work.

    thanks lyn! i bought it 2nd hand, not retail.. but it retailed for $1380 at aloharag back when.
  15. Beautiful bag! And wonderful too that you have a PLD! (purse-luvin'-dawg!)

    It's the paddy waggin'!!!