:) YAY my lemon coin purse is here! :) and better then i even imagined!

  1. I love it!!!!!!!!

    I kept watching them on eBay wanting one so bad but im always so scared of eBay (this is my 1st eBay purchase in like 7 years) and my ONLY designer ebay purchase ever!!!!

    but i bought it from a sellers store in ebay express and asked before hand for a ton of pictures and i felt very comfortable and i was right to :smile:

    ITS PERFECT!!!! new with tags (well was i already cut the tags off before i took the pics haha) in its little dust bag beautiful!!! :smile: She packed it so nicely yay i feel so happy!!!

    I hate waiting for auctions and i saw most of them were going for about $48-55 and then tack on $6 shipping thats almost $60-67 something like that and i paid $73 w/shipping and insurance so i figured it was worth the extra $15 to know i had it and get it right away :smile:

    SOOOOO here it is!!!!
    and to show size i put my chapstick and my cell phone next to it

    i knew it was going to be larger then it seems in pics but i had no idea my Razr would fit right inside!!! amazing! :smile:

    thanks for sharing my excitement hehe yay!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. AWW! Congrats slush!! Its adorable, I just love it!!
  3. so cute! Congrats!
  4. thanks guys :smile:
    AND RANSKIMMIE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (they should have a smiley with a bday hat on his head i would stick him right here!!!!!)
  5. So cute . . . and you're right, it's much larger than expected! Enjoy it!
  6. Love it !! I never noticed the little c's in it before this is a must have now LOL Donna
  7. Omg how perfect is that! I was thinking of getting one of them but I was wondering if it held my Pink Razr! LOL So it does! I HAVE to get one now! Can it hold a few cards with it or is it a pretty tight fit? =)
  8. Congratulations on a great purchase. I love those coin purses. I bought the pink grapefruit and the green apple last year. This year so far I have the yellow flower and I am toying with the idea of getting the orange flower. There is always something to look forward to buying, isn't there? :girlsigh:
  9. Can you actually zip your razr in there???
  10. ^LIBLUE you were smart to buy them then did u see the grapefruit going for like $160 on ebay INSANE haha :smile:

    I love the grapefruit and the Apple but not enough to pay those crazy ebay prices haha

    i love the lemon just as much

    but for some reason the flowers arent doing it for me like the fruits! :smile: maybe they will grow on me now that i have satisfied my fruit needs!
  11. Hey ok so i tested it out and it can hold a metrocard which is very thin and 2 of those club cards (the duane reade cvs type things) and the phone

    and it is a tight zip but it does zip

    i mean the zipper zips right up along the top of the phone (cards or not) but it does indeed zip without you feeling like you are going to break it or anything! :smile:
  12. Fantastic! I'm gonna get a pink one to go with my Punch Sig Swingpack! Eep!

    Golly that lemon is TOO CUTE!
  13. it fits a razr!??!?!!?
  14. [​IMG]
  15. :smile: took pictures to show you guys!!! :smile: the proof! hehe the razr does indeed fit!