Yay! My khaki baby cabas has finally arrived

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  1. :yahoo:
  2. You know we love pics, are they coming soon?
  3. Is it en-route from the store to your home or do you have it in your possession already? I agree, pics are in order!! This will be the first khaki to hit the forum!
  4. Pics STAT!!!
  5. Congrats - can't wait to see pics!
  6. where did you get yours? as of today i called the chanel 1800 # and they said none of the boutiques got the bronze ones in yet. So I am very curious where did you get it?????? I cannot wait any longer!!!!
  7. Pics plz????
    I just put my name down for a bronze one, but there are so many people on the waitlist :crybaby:
  8. Don't you just hate it when people post and run? It's like drop your purse bomb and leave us hanging :sweatdrop: . Hopefully she'll come back and fill us in...
  9. I know!!!!!!!!! That IS exactly how I feel now!!!!
  10. So sorry for the delay my computer has crashed on me today and am currently using a friend's computer :sad: I will post pics asap and I purchased it locally in the boutique in Houston,Tx. Sorry once again for the late reply....The color is to die for and will take pics tonight and upload them no later than tom.
  11. Houston, Tx boutique?? Were you #1 on their list? When did your SA call you? how come all those SAs and 1800 operator told me none of the boutiques got them yet. Mmmm....I must call them tomorrow, maybe even stop by my boutique.
  12. Btw I am also on the top of the list at another location with a SA that was very helpful from previous purchases and was wanting to purchase with her but I could not pass up the bag when the SA here at my local boutique called today so I had to see her and could not resist the wait of shipping from the other location....so if anyone has trouble even getting on the list holla at ya girl! I know how it feels to want something so bad especially a beauty like the baby cabas in khaki!:yes: I will also try my best to reply back to the forum frequently...sorry for the comp. problems I am expreiencing right now.
  13. Yes form Houston,Tx..and I believe I was #! on the list and the SA contacted me right before they were closing so I could not make it in there last night and had to wait till today..felt like forevers

  14. ah, no worry, so you just got the call Wednesday then. Mmm....I am also #1 at the Beverly Hill list maybe they'll call me tomorrow?? Ah, I think I will faint when they actually call me! This bag was love at first sight ever since I saw it at the truck show!!
  15. Yes wed.