YAY! My Keychain Came in Today =D

  1. So, since I am on a mini purse ban (until my birthday in September), I decided to just purchase a keychain from Coach.. That way, I at least have something small from the new selection of items :p It's called the Chain Link Coins Keyfob (Retail $98.00)

    Official image:

    Picture taken by me:

    And here is the keychain with my keys (and Coach Rhinestone Keychain) on it:

    They keychain is pretty big and actually kinda heavy.. But I'm loving it!
  2. WOW it is pretty big! But lovely! Enjoy!
  3. I want one! Except I want to use mine as a bracelet. Nice pictures BTW.
  4. Would love to see it modeled on a bag! Love it though, it's so on my wishlist!
  5. Yeah, I want to try one one as a bracelet too. :smile: Congratulations.
  6. adorable
  7. very big, but very cute!! I love hte bracelet idea!
  8. It's so cute. I love it. Congrats!!
  9. Wow! love it.
  10. wow, pretty! i was actually at the coach store in SF today to see that specific keyfob! it's really pretty in person, but it's heavy. also i tried the bracelet idea. i'm a skinny 5'2'' girl, but seemed a little short for a bracelet. like, it fit my wrist EXACTLY as a bracelet. there was hardly room for me to stick my pinky in between the chain link and my wrist. so i didn't get it.

    but it's gorgeous though. congrats!
  11. very pretty. congrats. your pics looks better than the Coach website. I would love it in silver to match my bags.
  12. Very nice, but the clip is so tiny it does NOT fit around anything on the Bleecker bags. I'll probably return mine. I was disappointed with the tiny snap on a gorgeous keyfob!!
  13. Congrats, very nice!! I like the rhinestone one too!
  14. That would look so cute hanging from my Legacy!

    Nice pic
  15. Cute, Congrats! :tup: