yay my husband said

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  1. I could get the monogram pochette eeeeeeeeeeee
  2. CONGRATS!!! are u buying new or used?! there's one on let-trade.
  3. Congrats! :yahoo: I know you have been wanting it
  4. Yeah if its still available on let-trade I'll try to get that one. Its a good deal
  5. AWww that's nice. Congrats!!:love:
  6. I dont get paid till friday darn it! I hope the pochette will still be on let-trade
  7. That's awesome.. I am happy for you
  8. Thanks. I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that no one buys the pochette by friday so i can buy it
  9. Maybe you can email them and ask if they can hold it for you until Friday. Its worth a try.
  10. Congrats! :biggrin:
  11. thats a good idea. Lol i emailed them already
  12. Happy for you. Yay!
  13. lucky you, I need some of your luck to make my DH say yay too!
  14. Congrats - that was my first LV piece. You're going to love it:yahoo:
  15. ooh yay! I just bought one also, should be here soon! I'm VERY excited!!