Yay, My Gray E/W is Here!!!

  1. Oh, I love that color, it is gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!
  2. Vewwwy nice :tup:
  3. Its really pretty! Is that color available for the jumbo size?
  4. Stunning bag! I love the e/w so much...you're so lucky!
  5. Ive never seen this color before!! So beautiful~~~~
  6. Congrats! I remember seeing a pic of a gray Jumbo before, and loving it. It's beautiful!
  7. it is a nice color bag. congrats
  8. Great color! Timeless and classy.
  9. Wow that is a really unique, edgy neutral color! I've never seen it before and am mesmerized by your photos. I wonder if this color is available in any other sizes/styles....?
  10. I love that! Do you mind me asking where you found it, or if you think there may be another out there? I just love grey and with the silver h/w it is perfect!
  11. It is stunning! Congratulations.
  12. Beautiful color, I just got my first e/w as well (in beige w/gold). I also wanted to beat the increase. What other colors are you getting? Very excited for you.
  13. Very coool new bag!
  14. Congrats! The e/w is just fabulous and I love that dark grey with silver hw combination.