YAY!!! My first LV online!

  1. I joined the Purse Forum quite a while ago but have been wary of purchasing LV online (due to customs..etc) but after lurking on here for soooo long, I just won this:

    eBay.ca: LOUIS VUITTON VIOLET VERNIS LUDLOW MINI WALLET 4 BAG (item 260082396499 end time 08-Feb-07 21:15:00 EST)


    Doesn't seem too popular and I guess it's a old model and don't produce them anymore but I've been wanting one for soooo long (about a week LOL) and I was SO scared that the bidding would be too crazy for me since the link was posted in "Great Deals" earlier.. but I got it for my max bid! I hope it's an alright deal anyway.

    Thanks again to lee for the auth check hun!!!!

    Oh.. and HI to everyone! Hope to be getting a damier speedy 30 soon =)
    (I missed out on a monogram speedy this morning)
  2. Congrats....that is such a cute wallet! Love the color! :smile:
  3. It's a beautiful colour. Congrats:yahoo:
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Congrats!!
  6. JeanQueen, what a great buy and a beautiful colour!!! Watch out this purse forum is very addictive and seeing everybodies gorgeous bags just makes you want more and more!!!
  7. I love the colour :heart:
  8. Congrats! so cute in purple!
  9. Beautiful wallet! I, too, just made my first eBay purchase after having it authenticated here. Isn't it great to have the benefit of so much expertise on tPF?
  10. Thanks!! and what did you get? It IS great and I'm so thankful for these experts here!!
  11. OMG, I looove this color!
  12. I got a black epi petit noe. I can't wait for it to get here!!! Now I need a wallet to go with it. :graucho:
  13. The color is beautiful!
  14. Such a gorgeous color girlie.

    Enjoy it!
  15. i saw that - great purchase!