Yay! My first Hermes purchase!

  1. Yay! I've made my first Hermes purchase! Although, online, unfortunately not in a store. And for a friend, not for me. But I hope it will bring me good Hermes karma! I bought a twilly scarf for a friend who is turning 40. I saw so many of you ladies modeling them as headbands and thought it would be perfect for my friend. So, it's official now. I've come over to the orange side!
  2. Congratulations..I'm sure she'll love it.. What a great friend you are!!
  3. Congratulations and welcome!! Perhaps a little something for yourself next???? :graucho:
  4. Congrats, what a great friend you are! Which one did you get?
  5. Congratulations! Twillys make such a great headband!
  6. Yay!!! What a great friend you are!!! I can see the Hermes fairy dust sprinkling above you!
  7. The twilly with the cherries. I'd seen someone post a pic, here on tPF, and thought it was adorable. It's also helped me break in DH to the idea of H, the friend is the wife of a biz associate, so I had to run the idea by him first. Guess the next orange purchase will have to be for me!
  8. ohh that is the same twilly I am looking for.. I want one in white and red :love:
  9. Well that's a start lol!! Hopefully you can get something for you next!! If you're a mom...how about Mother's Day??!! The website is nice -- I just bought a scarf and a mug...and they have very fast shipping too! Hope the friend knows how lucky she is!
  10. What fun! You are a terrific friend. :yes:
  11. pf, I think they have it at Liat.
  12. aww what a sweet friend you are! im sure your friend will love the twilly!
  13. Beautiful scarf choice.....and so now, you're on your way!
  14. Thanks! I ordered it Monday, her birthday was Wednesday, and I haven't received an email about it shipping yet. I'm sure I'll be forgiven for not making it on her bd when she sees it's an orange box! Also it was the perfect start to my future (and hopefully massive) H collection. Next time we're near a store, I can drag DH in to say "Oh, honey, I just want to see what the scarf looks like IRL". And "Oh, by the way, look at that gorgeous black croc Birkin with the diamonds!" (somebody has to buy that one eventually!)
  15. What a thoughtful gift! There's no going back now *mwahahaha*, welcome!