yay! my first gucci purchase!

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  1. so .. i've been ready to get a new purse for awhile now .. and i've been contemplating between louis or a gucci .. i already have a couple louis', so it was definitely time for a gucci - and today i did it! .. i love her, i think i'll sleep with her tonight, lol!

    here she is ..


    hmm .. first time im ever showing a picture, so i don't know if that'll work.
  2. Perfect! Precious! :nuts: Congrats!
  3. Lovely bag! Congrats on getting your first Gucci!
  4. Congrats!What a gorgeous bag!!!
  5. I love this style! You have good taste.
  6. very very cute, I love the little bow,congrats!!
  7. what a beauty! congrats!
  8. gorgeous!!
  9. thanks everyone for participating in my excitement! =)
  10. I LOVE:love: :heart: LOVE:love: :heart: LOVE :love: :heart: your bag.... Congrats!!!!!. I love this purse so much have 2 of them. I have one in black Guccisima and one in brown Guccisima. They are the best.
  11. Congrats! Cute Cute Cute!
  12. very pretty, congrats!!
  13. ohhh YUMMY!!!
  14. Wow, what a great bag! I'm starting to love the mono with white leather trim. Congrats!!
  15. she's pretty. Congrats!