Yay! My first Epi bags and an update on the Indigo Bedford....

  1. I went back to LV yesterday to bring my Indigo Bedford in. My SA looked at it and told me it was clearly a defective bag!:wtf: She also pointed out some other defects I didn't think were that bad---big dent in the back(I thought it would eventually come out if I stuffed it, but she said they may have stored and shipped it improperly and it may never come out---considered a defect) and dirt&glue coming out of the part of the piping that was coming loose. She said they never would have sold that bag to anyone if it had been at her store. I know a couple other PFers have told me about getting damaged/defective bags from there so I wasn't suprised when my SA told me she's had probs with that store before.

    I tried on a Black Epi Soufflot with gold hardware(I requested to have it transfered in for me since the 866 rep said there were only a couple left in the nation with the gold hardware---they were sooo awesome to get in it super fast for me!) and a Red Epi Speedy 25 with silver hardware. Let me just say I was in looooove with both pieces--esp the Soufflot!!! It is so easy to get in and out of the bag thanks to the zipper that wraps around down the sides and it was soooo light. I love love love it. Ok, I may have to take after Bags4Me and collect Soufflots on every color!:nuts:

    Anyhoo, I looked at an Indigo bedford she had in stock(didn't know that they even had one in stock!)It was in great shape except for a light honey patina, but I had already fallen in love with the Soufflot. Honestly, I didn't think I would like the Epi line so much until I tried it on in person. I want more now. LOL.

    Here are pics of the first Epi bags to join my collection...
    Epi first bags from this line.jpg Epi Soufflot in Black with Gold Hardware.jpg Epi Speedy 25 Red full pic.jpg Epi Speedy 25 Red Close Up Silver hardware.jpg
  2. Here are pics of me with my new bags. I'm 5'7" and around 120lbs(well, technically 122.2 accord to the scale after lunch. LOL)
    Epi Speedy 25 Red crook of arm.jpg Epi Speedy 25 Red Handheld.jpg Epi Soufflot Black crook of arm.jpg Epi Soufflot Black handheld.jpg
  3. Congrats!
  4. They look great on ya!
  5. Thank you!:heart:
  6. Thanks! :heart:
  7. Both bags look great on you. Enjoy them.
  8. Congrats! I love them both, especially the speedy!! Enjoy!
  9. oh wow love the new bags!! congratulations.. so the indigo bedford is offically over? I think it was such a gorgeaus bag, but i definantely love the bags you bought!! they look stunning on you
  10. OMG...I love them both!!! congrats!!!!look so great on you..I am salivating over your red speedy..it's pretty..
  11. congrats! love them both
  12. congrats! I hope to get into epi too later.
  13. Love them. They both look great.
  14. Thank you! :heart:Yeah, sadly, I think my desire for the Indigo Bedford is over. Once I tried on the Epi Soufflot, I fell in love. I just love how much easier it is to get in and out of the Soufflot than it is with the Bedford. I do still love the Indigo color, though. I wish sooo badly that they made in it the Brentwood style. lol.

    Thanks, tr444 and ladyhz!:heart::heart::heart:
  15. Gorgeous! Both are awesome!!