Yay my first Eluxury order..

  1. Yeah for me:yahoo:Nothing big yet, hubby just ordered me an ipod Shuffle, so you know what I ordered:graucho: The multicolor ipod shuffle case:nuts: I'm so excited.
    It's probably the cheapest thing on elux but who cares. :wlae: I'll probably shower with that thing on. I'll promise to post pics when everything gets here.
    Now if only I could get my money so I could order my bags:crybaby:[​IMG]
  2. Very cute!!! Congrats!!
  3. Congratulations.
  4. Congrats! It doesn't matter big or small, your first LV purchase will always be extra special. :wlae:
  5. Very cute! YAY! Elux is so addicting!
  6. Congrats!!!
  7. It is so cute, congratulations!!
  8. it's really cute! enjoy!
  9. So cute! If I had a shuffle or a nano (even a regular ipod) I'd buy an LV case for it!

    Unfortunately I dont' believe LV made a case for the mini...
  10. Very cute!! I can't wait for you to get it!:yes:
  11. those are too cute!
  12. Yay, congrats!! I love the mini print on those, they're too adorable!
  13. What a great first purchase, congrats! :smile: