YAY.....My First Damier Wallet Today....

  1. I got my first Damier wallet today. It's not brand new but in very good condition. It's a zip compact wallet. I really like it.

    I attached some pictures from the seller. BTW, this is AUTHENTIC right? If my first LV purchase is fake I'm going to jump off the bridge. I know it's stupid to ask after I purchase it because the seller appears to be very reliable, that's why I didn't ask the authentic question before buying.
    lv damier1.jpg lv damier2.jpg lv damier 3.jpg
  2. Congrats!! Such a cute little Compact Zip!
  3. It's very cute, congrats..it's authentic I believe
  4. Congrats! It's lovely:love: Don't worry I've just compared your LV font with my DH's Damier wallet and it looks right.:yes: :biggrin:
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