Yay!!! My first Chanel..........(PICS)

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  1. Thanks to all the helpful PFers that replied to my thread and PMs! :flowers:

    My final decision came down to the Black Jumbo Caviar Flap with Gold Hardware! :yahoo:

    When I first tried it on at the boutique, I instantly knew it was the one. Perfect size to hold all my daily essentials and then some. The strap are comfortable and best thing yet, I didn't know it can be worn messenger style, double strap, and shorten strap. The style is definitely dressed up and down. So versatile.

    I also tried on the Accordian Flap in beige. The store totally sold out of the white and black during the first week of its arrival. SA went to the back and called around and determined there was only one black one at the New York boutique. I definitely like the Accordian Flap alot. It's a great size and certainly a very casusal look. Perhaps it will be my second Chanel. :graucho:

    Without further adieu....my ju, ju, ju, JUMBO!

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  2. WOW!! i've been dying for a Chanel, but right now, my bank account is stretched to the limit!!! i just bought an LV, and am now saving up for a Chanel...

    I'm definitely considering this bag!!! Congrats!!!!
  3. congrats! Great choice, enjoy.
  4. That was my first too. Congrats!
  5. Good choice! Congratulations! The beginning of a dangerous obsession!!
  6. woohoo! Nice one
  7. oMIGOSH!! pretty pretty bag! Congrats. How much was it?Because i really had my eye on this
  8. dangerous obsession...you got that right! :upsidedown:
  9. Congrats on your first Chanel!!!! It is a true classic.....
    Yes, when it rains it pours!!! Chanel bags that is...LOL
  10. $2650 plus tax...it's killing my CC, but believe this timeless collector's piece will definitely be worth it in the long run.
  11. Congrats on your Jumbo!!! And it definitely will be worth while in the long run.
  12. Congrats on your first Chanel! Beware, it's extremely addictive!!!
  13. yum!! hope its the first of many ;)
  14. Very beautiful and sooooooooooo classic.
  15. that's for sure!! You're going to keep it forever, and the price will keep going up.. so why wait?

    i love that bag