Yay! My First BV has arrived! Limo Ball! *pics*

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  1. Hi all!

    I've been lurking in this sub-forum for a little while now admiring your lovely bags and trying to decide which BV should be first to my collection! :graucho:

    Well I finally decided and took delivery of my first BV today! A Ball bag in Limo! :yahoo:

    I love this bag so much! The leather is just TDF and the feel of the suede inside...mmmmm ....:drool: The Ball bag is the perfect style for me and I'm glad I made this my first BV purchase. Next on my list is the Ball in Black and the Campana in Ebano :graucho: Where will it end?!

    Anyway, here are some pics of my new baby :heart:



  2. Oh congratulations! This bag looks wonderful on you!! I personally love my Ball bag - I have one in black that I'm carrying right now - welcome to the addiction!!! :heart::heart:

  3. Thank you! The Ball in Black is my next BV - I'm hooked! :push:
  4. LOL tell me about it! My better half (kronik) and I have been searching everywhere for a magnolia campana for my birthday - so far I think we've contacted half the world! It is an addiction, welcome to the club!

    I was a huge Chanel lover before I bought my Ball - and haven't bought another Chanel purse since!
  5. So pretty and the color is delicious! I love my ebano ball bag, welcome to the club.
  6. :smile:, balchlfen, i didn`t know you already set eyes on a limo bag before ordering the other two from hamburg, but i have to say this is such an eye candy!

    can`t wait till the end of june, when your other precious babies will arrive!

    anyways, congrats! :woohoo:
  7. very pretty, love the limo color!!
  8. balchlfen, your bag is so gorgeous.you carry it so well. looks totally fab on you. love the uk backdrop for a change (those gorgeous rain soaked greens!!) im like you , ebano campana next on my list. whats yours a large or small?
  9. It looks just wonderful on you, and what a subtly gorgeous colour. Enjoy it!
  10. Wow! Nice bag and photos. Congrats!
  11. Small Campana for me I think - but I haven't seen the large IRL yet so will check it out next week when I'm in London :yes: What size are you going for?
  12. Love the bag on you! Limo seems to be the opular color these days. Hope BV keeps it around for a while!
  13. Oops! I mean "popular" color
  14. Congratulations it is lovely.
  15. How pretty :tender: How classic it looks.... it'll bring you smiles for many years to come :tup: