Yay! My City is finally here with no NM drama attached to it!

  1. Many of you have read my threads on the atrocious way NM treats customers....anyways, here she is from Nordstrom.....the black City with black long wallet!

    The wallet is PERFECT smooth leather, but I am a bit on the fence about the City because it is very crackly/veiny looking almost to an extreme. It was the only 08 they had at Nordies, so maybe I will have to make the drive there to look at the 07's they had left......what do you think? I already conditioned it and everything. Is this just very typical of black Cities?

    Is there any difference between the 08 black cities and the 07's ?

    DSC02094.jpg DSC02095.jpg
  2. kristie i think she's gorgeous!
  3. Both look gorgeous! I haven't seen the '08 black bags yet, but IMO the '07 bags were less veiny... It may break in very well though! Congrats on your classic, beautiful choices! :tup:
  4. the perfect bag! congrats~
  5. Yay, I'm glad you finally got your city after all of the hassle!

    If you're not 100% happy with the leather on the city, then it might be worth the trip to take a look at the '07s. But I think both your city and wallet are gorgeous!
  6. wow...it's lovely
  7. Awwww congrats, I think the work is a great size! What a beauty!!
  8. i think it looks fab
  9. Congrats on finally getting it. I think that bag is beautiful!
  10. Congrats - everyone should have a black city in their handbag collection :smile:
  11. Both look great but it really depends if you prefer veiny or smooth leather. If you are not 100% satisfied then I would take a trip to the store to check out the other cities they have available. Keep us posted!
  12. Gorgeous Kristie!! I'm glad things worked out for yah~!
  13. wowwowwowowow Kristie :yahoo:!!!!!Congratssssssss on both your ageless beauties:heart:!!!
    I am happy what finally everything has solved!
  14. Aren't the '07s the ones that had problems fading to green? Or was that the '06s?
  15. I think it looks wonderful!!!! :heart: