YAY!!! my cinnamon came home

  1. First of all..i would like to say thank you to Pursendity for helping me with the color. i would also like to say thank you to:
    shamrock0421 (congrats on ur new bag btw), verty (i ordered it from kim at BalNY), jenny70, Allisonfaye, cherrieblossoms, erica1451, Z&J, Chunkeymunky85, Luvhandbags!, chinkee21, suzzeee, pinkboudoir, purplewithenvy, hipnycmom, quilter, Chi town Chanel, ladybugfreckle, ohuprettything,

    cherika for taking ur time to give me suggestions on which purse is better for me (city or first).

    I ordered a cinnamon last week n it finally came home today! as a matter of fact, i was standing next to my door waiting for my bag all afternoon. when the delivery guy came, i was so excitied that i kept on smiling. He looked at me all weird like WTF!!??:wtf: hahah oh well. anyway... the bag is beautiful, i am in love:heart: ...again.

    This is my first Bbag so im not sure how it's supposed to be. The Bbag in pictures sure do look thick and juicy. My bag is feelin a little thin and dry. Are the bags supposed to be like that? actually it feels really thin. it looks kinda broken in already (its a new bag). my bag is not hard or stiff. i though new ones are supposed to be like that. The shine is perfect. not too shiny or waxy. well here are the pix.

    bal5.jpg bal4.jpg bal3.jpg bal2.jpg bal1.jpg
  2. congratulations on your first bbag :wlae: ~ the cinnamon is such a lovely rich colour ~ the leathers vary so much ~ it's v difficult to get everything 100% perfect ~ believe me ~ i keep trying! ~ lol! ~ :flowers:
  3. ImNotObsessed - she's GORGEOUS!!! The drape is beautiful - like it's broken in without any wear! Amazing!

    She doesn't look dry to me at all. Bal leather is very different than other bags and it definitely is "thinner" than some other leathers. I remember thinking that my first bal was dry but in reality it was just that I wasn't familiar with how bals really "feel."

    Dry bags tend to look faded and yours looks just like what you described as having seen in pics here - thick and juicy! I hope you love her and wear her in good health!
  4. :woohoo: I love it!!I love Mogano!!I just got one in a First style and it is my favorite at the moment!! Its doesn't look dry..photo #2 is looking so :drool::drool::drool: Congrats!!
  5. Oh Sweetie - It has been such a pleasure reading all of your posts. I always think, 'SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE' when you reply to the posts saying "I want it." "I want it." "I want black now!". LOL!!! You're precious and such a sweet genuine person!

    I absolutely ADORE that color. :drool: I've been saying that I can certainly imagine something in the brown family to be the next addition to my collection. She's a beauty and the color is fanstastic.

    I'm so happy for you that you got your first BBag!

    If she's feeling a bit dry, how about giving her a little moisturizing TLC?

    Hugs and ENJOY!!!!:okay:
  6. wowza!
  7. Can I ask you a question, please?
    Did yours come in a box?
    Or only in the sleeper?
    Mine came boxless...LOL...I was a bit surprised.
    For some reason, I expected a darn box! LOL!
  8. simply stunning!
  9. CONGRATS!!! Mogano is a gorgeous shade!!!
  10. Congrats!! :flowers:
  11. Congrats - I love that Cinnamon color - it's so rich looking and your bag is lucious!!
  12. welcome to the mogano club! :yahoo:congrats!
  13. HAHAHA That was totally me last week waiting for my VD! Haha the mailman like saw me spring out of my house to get it and you could tell he was like....wtf who are you weirdo. Congrats on the bag, I'm glad I could help! She looks amazing! And even though she feels a little thin, thats how VD felt when I first got her but just fill her up and carry her for about a week and she'll start to plump and thicken beautifully! :woohoo:
  14. Yes, mine came in a box. hum...i wonder why yours didn't. mine was wrapped very nicely too.
  15. :yahoo:Yay!! Congratulations ImNotObsessed !!

    Isn't the colour just gorgeous!!

    It looks like you got a beautiful Bbag!:drool: