Yay! My Cherry Botkier Bianca arrived!

  1. for those hesitating thinking that this bag is too red or bright, it is definitely more wine-colored than red... I'd call it black cherry, wine or plum - absolutely stunning!!
  2. take some pics so we can see!!

  3. I want to see pics , of the bag, in the bag, you wearing the bag- pretty please!
  4. I'll take some pics when i get home from work. I'm smitten!
  5. Can't wait to see the pics!! :yes:
  6. Can't wait to see pictures!
  7. I've seen this bag in Nordies and agree its a really nice red :smile: Great bag for fall. Enjoy!!
  8. Is this your bag? I couldn't wait to see the pics, so I found this online.
  9. Here is another pic that shows a different tone of red:
  10. THANKS!! The first pic you posted is much more accurate - the second is way lighter/brighter than IRL. Just picture the first one being slightly more purple and that's it!
  11. so cute!!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. I have this bag too and I have tried to take pics all over my house in all different lighting and cannot get an accurate color to show. It's definitely got a hint of Wine to it and I wouldn't really call it Cherry if I were to name it. It's beautiful nonetheless. Maybe the last pic is the closest but not really exact.



  14. It's still a gorgeous bag!
  15. GORGEOUS bag. I really love that color, it's very striking.

    Doesn't that drive you nuts when you try taking pictures of a bag and you can't get the color to show up right?

    Anyways, lol, congrats.