YaY! My Bracelet......oh no.....

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  1. So I just got home from Holt tonight from picking up my transparent inclusion bracelet. :yahoo:I was so excited and happy when I saw it....Nick my SA slipped it on my wrist right away! When I got home all I could do is stare at it in the light. OH NO!:wtf: I found something wrong with it! I called my SA and he said to come back with the bracelet and we'll figure something out. At first, I thought I had cracked it....already? I thought this was made of some type of durable resin? I recall the bracelet tapping against the counter at LV..checked it...and nothing -- it was fine. When I showed it to the BF, he said the crack was from inside. There actually wasn't any cracks or dents on the outside of the bracelet. It's so cloudy -- it even looks like there is a tiny piece of a gold flake where there's a crack. I've shown pics of it. Oh man, I was so happy with and all. It had so many ruby crystals -- so shiny!!

    Anywho have any problems with their Bracelet? Do you think they will exchange it? (fingers crossed) Will it actually crack? If the defect wasn't so big it wouldn't be such a big deal..but it's right in front of the LV symbol, and I did pay full price expecting a brand new one.:confused1:

    Thanks, (just needed to get it out of my system)

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  2. Well that stinks, I hope they can get you a new one right away!
  3. well you needa be happy with your purchase, and you're well within the 14 day policy and your SA was so nice, so he should be the one to help you with the exchange. it could've been a flaw that no one noticed before.
  4. Wow!! It is so pretty!!

    Too bad about the defect though :sad:
  5. Congrats! Hope you can exchange it :yes:
  6. aww sorry to hear this...it's such a beautiful bracelet...
  7. congrats
  8. I'm sure they will exchange it! It is quite stunning!
  9. Its gorgeous but hopefully you can return it for a flawless one that you love more!
  10. aww... that sucks... hopefully Nick can find you another one
  11. I can't really see from the pics, except on the 4th pic, there is a crack isn't there? And it's pretty big too...:wtf: Definitely, you will get a new one! It's definitely a defect!
  12. Bummer...I hope you get a new one!
  13. Hope you can get it exchanged. Lovely bracelet though.
  14. Thanx everyone...yeah the defect is right on top of the "LV" in the third pic. It's really visible when you right at it. Getting ready to go right now..wish me luck!:smile:
  15. I hope you get a new one.