YAY! My Bow Satchel in Black arrived today.....I'm in LOVE....PICS+++

  1. It's gorgeous :love: I'm going to wear her tomorrow :yes:

    I also got it for a great price. Got it at Nordies for 1/2 off and got the last one too. YAY!!!! :yahoo:
    IMG_1018 Large e-mail view Medium Web view.jpg IMG_1021 Large e-mail view.jpg IMG_1023 Large e-mail view.jpg IMG_1024 Large e-mail view.jpg IMG_1025 Large e-mail view Standard e-mail view.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!!! Black looks sexy and cute same time!

    Half price!!!!!!! What a great deal!!!:tup: How did you get the half off?? I paid full price for alluminio, but it's not in my hands yet... I can't wait it gets here!!:wlae:
  3. I had it price matched :smile:
  4. Nice! I love the bow in black, so SEXY! :love:

    I caved in today and ordered the coffer in black from Nordies. Am totally sick of Saks and Neimans at this point so Nordies is going to get my business from now onwards!
  5. where was it on sale at? awww maaan, lucky girl :woohoo:
  6. Congrats, thats a great deal you got! :tup:
  7. WOW alfie you ALWAYS get the best deals!!!! Congrats :smile:
  8. It's like the bag was made for you...lol! You look great and what a great classic and edgy bag to have in your collection!
  9. Congrats! Nothing beats getting a great bag at a great deal :tup:
  10. congrats!!! though the bow satchel didn't work out for me, i hope it will for you!!
    i dont understand..how did you pricematch? and where did you pricematch from?
  11. congrats and loosk greta on ya:tup:
  12. congrats! wear it in good health!
  13. pretty!!
    i'm considering getting the black bag rather then alluminio...cos its so hard to get...hmm..
    does anyone know if the leather quality is different between black and alluminio?
  14. What a great deal... for a great bag...Congrats!!!:smile:
  15. what an awesome deal!! congrats!!