Yay! My Blue Glacier Money just arrived!

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  1. I was going to wait until my oval came, but I just couldn't wait to show you all my first Balenciaga! I'm totally in love with her and have opened the box three times to sneak peeks at her in the last hour :love:

    I thought Blue Glacier/Periwinkle would be a little lighter, but I'm glad that it's not. I got her from Aloha Rag (awesome service, wouldn't hesitate to order from them again :tup:), along with a pair of Ksubi sunglasses which are in the photos too cause they're too awesome not to be :P

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  3. I love Priwinkle. :yes:Congrats:yahoo: great choice.:tup:
  4. Welcome to the Periwinkle family!!! I got a First last week and am loving the color!!!!!!! You money wallet is gorgeous!!! Congrats!! :heart:
  5. Oooh, the wallet looks so pretty in that color! Congratulations!
  6. [​IMG]
    Wow - it looks like cornflower! I LOVE it!!!
  7. congrats! love the wallet and the sunnies.
  8. love the wallet AND the sunglasses! congratulations. :smile:
  9. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous! Would look great with my Teal!!! :drool:
  10. NO WAY!!! That is...:drool:
  11. Thanks guys! The color is actually a little more muted than the pics, perfect for summer.

    I'm glad that you like the sunnies too. I put them on for my bf and he was like :tdown: - he hates big sunglasses :P
  12. So gorgeous! COngrats! You must be on the moon with joy! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats:yahoo::yahoo:So happy for you as u are another person who has got the money wallet, welcome to the family.....it's a gorgeous wallet and u will love her:heart:




  14. Congrats, it is beautiful!!!!
  15. Beautiful color!!