yay my birthday is oct 8th and

  1. i get a multicolor cles :yahoo:
  2. congrats and happy early birthday!
  3. Congrats!! Mine is Oct 6!! Happy early bday!!
  4. Congrats!!! Happy Birthday!
  5. yay! im so excited. I finally get a mc piece
  6. Happy Birthday! Make sure to post pictures.
  7. congrats and happy early birthday!!!~
  8. That is a great gift! Happy early birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday! Congrats in advance!
  10. congrats and happy early birthday!
  11. lol congrats! mines on the 7th!
  12. congrats and happy birthday ! :smile:
  13. congrats!!!
  14. Happy birthday and congrats.
  15. Yay... congrats! Happy early b-day!

    My b-day's on the 6th!!!