Yay My Baby Arrived!!!


    I can't find the battery charger in my camera, so I'm using the eBay seller's pictures here. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BAG!! I can't stop getting it out of the dustbag, pet it, and putting it on-- I think my bf is :confused1: and thinks I'm crazy!! haha. but them boys just don't get it!




    :heart: :P :yahoo:
  2. Oh! It's awesome! I like so much all the cream-colored paddies! they look fantastic! Congrats! I would do the same on your place (petting it, putting it on, you know).
  3. Your baby looks absolutely gorgeous, no wonder you're petting it all the time! :biggrin: :love:
    Congrats, and enjoy! :flowers:
  4. Your Ivory Paddy is gorgeous. And I love how bubbly the leather is. Absolutely lovely.
  5. aww it looks soo gorgeaus!! haha i wouldnt be able to stop petting it either haha lmao CONGRATS~
  6. congrats on your fab new bag. Hope you have loads of lovely moments carrying it :smile:
  7. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Your new paddy is just gorgeous! That leather is TDF!!! Congratulations!!!
  9. Congrats.
  10. Amazing! I love my blanc!!

    (this is blanc, per the round hang tag, yes??)
  11. your new baby is gorgeous!!! congratulations!!! :yahoo:
  12. hmwe46, yup, this is blanc!!

    I took her out today to eat with my friends and I put her on the side and kept on looking at her while eating..I also put some napkins on her cuz I'm a really messy eater (i always get some kind of sauce on my shirt =/) and I didn't want to get her dirty...my friends thought I was crazy!! LOL. thanks for all the sweet congrats =). you guys are the best!

    oh yea if any of you guys are looking for chloe paddingtons, they have some at Nordstrom at The Grove in L.A. I think they have a whiskey paddingotn too! =D
  13. Gorgeous!!! Congrats, it's beautiful!!!
  14. Congrats hun it's gorgeous!!! :heart: Blanc is such a beautiful color! Enjoy your lovely new bag!! :flowers:
  15. Love the bag, congrats.
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