Yay! My 2 Birthday Gucci's!!! Pics!!!

  1. hi girls! i just turned 24 this week and i finally got my gucci's! sorry this is a bit late gals!!! had problems with tpf the past few days! all i can say is i've been in gucci heaven ever since my bday!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1) Birthday gift from DM (bought at woodbury commons last weekend!):
    Gucci Horsebit Clutch in dark brown leather trim


    2) Birthday gift from SO and myself (we pooled our moolah together)
    Abbey Gesso bag in bone leather trim


    the two babies together!


    the magazine ad of the abbey gesso :smile:
  2. Omigod!:drool:....they're gorgeous! What a lucky girl, to receive such stunning gifts and to have generous people who obivious love you so much! Happy be-lated birthday...sweetie!:drinks:
  3. wow, Happy Birthday. I love both those bags especially the horsebit clutch.
  4. They are beautiful! And happy birthday!
  5. I looove the abbey, it's gorgeous !

    And the horsebit clutch is so cute !
  6. I love both! Belated birthday... Lucky girl!
  7. i love the ClutCh!!! Congrats!
  8. I'm glad you chose the Abbey! You'll love it!
    Both bags are gorgeous!! Happy Birthday!:yahoo: :flowers:
  9. I loooooove your clutch. I always wanted one, but I have never been able to find it. Congratulations they are both beautiful.
  10. Congrats! They are both gorgeous and happy birthday to you!
  11. Congrats!! I love the dark brown leather trim
  12. thanks for all the greetings and compliments gals!;) i turned 24 last thurs!

    i chose the abbey over the charmy because of its functionality, versatility and longevity of design. :smile:

    the bone leather bottom of the charmy already made me think twice about it, i just know that im gonna end up scuffing that up. although some might say the abbey is becoming common, i rarely end up in a place with a girl carrying the same bag as mine here so its not really a problem. also, while i was carrying that abbey in the gucci store, around 3 girls stared at my bag, saying that carrying the bag shows how nice it really is. in any case, i could use this bag for clothes shopping, and also for carrying all my junk on certain days (laptop, pda etc). it would definitely be a pretty AND practical bag! and not much to worry about as the canvas is so easy to care for!:yes:

    the horsebit clutch my mom chose that. :love: im so happy as she chose this all by herself and it was perfect! she's so classy and classic and refuses to get me any of "those big slouchy peddler bags" (in her own words)!!!:P
  13. I love the Abbey. That is such a great bag.

    Happy Birthday to you and congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Pixedust, I loved that clutch so much, I called the outlet store where you got yours and they had one in stock and it's on its way to me. I'm so excited, I love that clutch. I hope is in good condition cause they don't take returns.
  15. very pretty, congrats!