Yay! My 04 turquoise arrived!

  1. I loooove it it's so gorgeous and much greener than I thought! :love: Now I'm just waiting for the others to arrive!:biggrin:
    IMG_0441.jpg IMG_0438.jpg
  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! The colour is STUNNING!!!
    And your collection is sooo pretty :smile:
  3. perc---I wanna raid your closet!!! Congrats!!!!! Wait, what others?
  4. Congrats, percephonie! She's gorgeous! Yes, please do share what "others" you are expecting :graucho:
  5. :shame: A black city with silver hardware, anis twiggy and pistachio first....lol :roflmfao: :yahoo:
  6. It's beautiful! You have a great collection :graucho:
  7. congrats! pls post pics as soon as you get them!

    :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo:
  8. Wow, you have a fantastic collection! I love your turq first, I love it more than my city!! Congrats!
  9. congrats!! that is so pretty. amazing how different '04 and '05 look.
  10. Your purses are lovely! I can't believe you also have an anis and pistachio on the way as well! You lucky lucky girl!! I'm so jealous.
  11. Thanx guys!!:love:

    BooYah-will definitely post pics :biggrin:
  12. I can't believe that 6months ago I was b-bag-less!
  13. You haven't wasted any time!
  14. Hi,

    We don't allow transactions on the PF or the advertising of bags you'd like to sell :smile: Thanks for your cooperation!
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