Yay!!! More Chanel Glasses (2 diff models)

  1. :huh:

    Ok... I know I'm buying way too much Chanel LOL
    Soooo bare with me!! :angel:

    First glasses:


    (second post to continue for more pics)
  2. Ooh! i love the 2nd pair! nice buys!
  3. Love the 2nd pair - congrats!
  4. -----------------------------------------------------------

    Second pair:


    I can take more pics if anyone is interested LOL
  5. LOL you guys posted before my second post :P
    I was adding pics and it didn't let me add all of them in the first post.


    Thanks!! I love them!! ;)
  6. ure very cute and they loooking amazing on you!!!
  7. cute i like both
  8. Love them both!!!
  9. OMG! I love them!

    Is that a cloth Chanel drawstring bag for the wraparounds? I need one of those! :biggrin:
  10. Thanks!!! I love them!! hehehe

    Yes, those drawstrings usually come with sunglasses :P
  11. they're so nice! If you dont mind me asking, how much were they? and what model are the first ones?
  12. They are beautiful and look so nice on you! I love love LOVE the second pair! Congrats!
  13. fr2nc1z: Did all of your Chanel sunglasses come with the drawstring bag? Mine didn't come with any, and when I asked a Chanel SA about it she said that it didn't? :cry:
  14. Love:love: both your sunnies ... you look great w/ both of them!! Congrats!
  15. Congrats to you! They are very pretty! I have the first pair. Do they pinch your nose and are they very heavy? I'm having a real problem with mine. They really bother me. I'm used to wearing lighter glasses that have a plastic frame. The nose thingies on these really pinch and leave red marks. I'm curious to see if it is just me.