Yay me! Turned in 2 papers 3 more to go

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  1. I can't wait for school to be OVER!!!!
    Woo hoo. I'm delerious from lack of sleep but so happy I got those 2 papers in before deadline.
    :wlae: :rochard:
  2. ooh yay! congratulations! i think you should go reward yourself with a bag now...:graucho:
  3. Fantastic, you can be proud of yourself!
  4. Thanks evychew and Nola. No bags for me yet. But maybe when I finish up with everythng...:graucho:

    I'm working on paper number 3 today. Only 2 more after this one.
  5. You are almost there!!!! Keep on truckin' :choochoo:
  6. Keep up the good work dear!! My spring semester just started, so in about two weeks time I will be writing papers til my eyes fall out too :sad:
  7. Megs: Thanks for the encouragement. I slacked off a little bit today checking out tPF threads but I will keep at it!

    kitti: good luck with your spring semester. You'll do great.
  8. that is awesome!!! :biggrin: I myself am having trouble getting the motivation to do my papers and now i'm behind in my coursework. :p I just want school to be over!!!
  9. Congrats and keep up the good work! How I miss those school days when my parents paid for everything hehehehe.
  10. tokidokiannie: I know what you mean. I really could use some motivation. I didn't get that much done today. *sigh* But anyway gotta keep at it. Don't worry, summer vacation is right around the corner.
  11. Hey thanks miss mustard! I'm an older student in law school so I'm off the parents' payroll (unfortunately cause I could use some bag $$$ :p ) Haha just kidding they were really good to me so I can't complain.